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Metaverse Metaverse Metaverse
Metaverse Metaverse Metaverse
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of the next
era of
New revenue streams
Increase Brand awareness
Connect with a younger,
digitally-native demographic
Build deeper and more meaningful connections with your fans
How do we
do that?
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(How do we do that?)
  • We've built

  • our own custom

  • automated 3D

  • workflow.

  • This gives us full

  • control in our

  • design process

  • and compatibility

  • with various

  • metaverse

  • applications.

Our cutting edge 3D solutions combined with our experience with NFTs allow us to realise the highest quality Metaverse wearables!

How do we do that?
Brandverse Ambassador Token
111 free to claim NFTs

Ambassador Token holders benefit from access to future Brandverse collections

Brandverse Ambassadors

helped shape Z3NA,

our first wearable

brand through

voting on the brand

name and logo

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2500 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain


Every watch is procedurally designed, and ultimately unique


and interoperable

with a rich network

of partners

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Our Team

  • CEO & Co-Founder
    Kareem's experience in digital marketing and E-commerce supported multiple D2C brands from start to scale. His previous commercial and product roles at venture backed startup led him to reimagine the relationship between brands and their fans. He envisions a new era of branding where fans are truly rewarded for their support and loyalty through NFTs.
  • Gabriele
    COO & Co-Founder
    Gabriele is passionate about consumer psychology and branding. He previously founded and been part of multiple startups in the food delivery and E-commerce sectors. “Brands launching NFTs should prepare for an ongoing, multi-faceted customer relationship. Digital ownership paves the way for a new dynamic between brands and fans, one that truly unleashes the community’s creative power.” - Gabriele
  • Ivan
    Creative director & Co-Founder
    Ivan is a motion & graphic designer and video maker, with more than 8 years of experience creating content for major fashion brands, international events, and up-and-coming startups. His work ranges from runway videos for Milan fashion week and video art at Venice Biennale to developing the brand identity for Silicon Valley startups and international engineering corporations.
  • Stefano
    Technical director & Co-Founder
    Stefano is a 3D generalist and motion graphics designer-artist with more than 11 years of experience. His previous works include the likes of Sky, Pirelli, Bosch, Unicredit, Vibram, and Vitesy. He is a Procedural Problem Solver, using PDG (Procedural Dependency Graph) architecture that allows us to create the highest quality 3D wearables, extractable and compatible with multiple formats and engines.
  • Victor
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Victor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Brandverse. Coming up with innovative ideas to launch new products, finding the right partners, and creating a strong community are at the core of his interests. He previously founded and been part of multiple startups in the digitisation of services for the mobility and the renovation sectors. “Web 3 is fundamentally changing the way brands interact with their customers. From offering new immersive experiences to reinventing fidelity programs. At Brandverse, we believe that Web3 should be accessible to any company!



    Boson Protocol enables an open tokenized economy for commerce by automating digital-to-physical redemptions using NFTs encoded with game theory.

    Boson protocol token:
    $ 18.73M USD market cap.

    Partnership details:

    Interoperable assets and Brandverse/Z3NA-branded treasure hunts.

    is one of the first 3D,
    full body and fully rigged NFT collections on Ethereum.

    Building a category-defining P2E multiplayer shooter game on Unreal Engine 5

    Partnership details:

    Assets interoperability with more utility to be announced soon

    Xone is a web3 social media platform that replaces profiles with personal 3d worlds.

    Proprietary Augmented Reality App.

    Partnership details:

    Brandverse assets interoperability as part of the next room drop.

    A one-of-a-kind NFT built in Unreal Engine 5 and Metaverse ready Developed Meta-Labs, to bring professional studio-quality Visual Effects and storytelling to the Metaverse.

    Partnership details:

    Assets interoperability & customization

    One of the leading Augmented Reality apps in crypto. 15000 weekly users.

    AR app with 600k+ downloads.

    Partnership details:

    Interoperable assets and Brandverse/Z3NA-branded treasure hunts.

    47000 metaverse-ready 3D animated robots, with more than 6000 holders.

    Seekers function as nodes for Sylo network, powering communication and trade across the open metaverse.

    Partnership details:

    Brandverse assets featured as part of the collection & shared communications campaign.

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